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Dongguan SaiYa Smart Robot Co., Ltd.

In 2007, Anderson Ho, who had 3 years of experience in the remote control model industry, started the original Dongguan SaiYa Model Technology Co., Ltd. and later changed its name to Dongguan SaiYa Smart Robot Co., Ltd., which is located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Own the technical team and professional production equipment such as CNC machining centers, milling machines, lathes, mold processing and so on. Saiya is a R&D, production and sales of integrated Hi-technology company.

Our company main product lines are remote control cars (patented products), RC Camera Car, VR motion Camera Car (patented products), Small unmanned chassis, Inspection robots, Cargo robots, Custom applications cars. Products are widely used in leisure and entertainment, film and television shooting, 360 VR video capture, logistics and distribution, security and explosion, site inspection, mobile shooting, terrain surveying and other practical applications.

The company has “Saiya” and “SY-4WD” two registered trademarks.

SY-4WD products have made CE, ROHS certification, a number of utility model and invention patents, access to industry honorary certificate. SY-4WD company continue to innovate for the products, such as VR motion camera car which belongs to the first professional one in China with humane and powerful functional design, the successful solution to the motion VR shooting is not stable and reliable platform pain point of this industry!


Company certificate


Company history

Founded in 2007

We released the first generation of four-wheel-drive Gasoline Car with Reverse function, gear-driven petrol helicopters.

In 2008

We released the second generation of four-wheel drive Gasoline Car with Reverse function, four-wheel drive off-road CAR, belt-driven gasoline helicopters.

In 2009

We released the third generation of four-wheel drive with reversing gasoline cars.

In 2010

The world’s first reverse Gasoline Car obtained a patent certificate.

In 2011

We released the six-drive reverse gasoline car, four-wheel drive electric car.

In 2012

We launched four-wheel, six-wheel steering system, six-drive electric car.

In 2013

We launched two-cylinder 58cc, 60cc gasoline engine.

In 2014

We released Two-wheel drive gasoline buggy and electric buggy; registered trademarks of “Saiya” and “SY-4WD”.

In 2015

We released customized professional version of the remote control camera car with mechanical robot arm.

In 2016

We released RC Camera Car series, Small unmanned chassis.

In 2017

We released the VR motion camera car series and obtained the patent certificate. Customized motion vehicles.


in the exhibition

赛亚从2007开始每年都会参加北京国际模型展,上海国际模型展等行业内专业展览会,2015,2016年参加北京BIR TV, 广州GIR TV专业影视器材展览会,2017年参加广州影视器材展,北京国防展,北京BIR TV展,北京世界机器人展,北京VR展,在国内外有众多经销商,希望更多的客户加入我们的经销商团队。
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