Small Section 5 UAV

Model: SY M750

Name: Small Section 5 UAV


1) Two-wheel differential, four-wheel differential, four-wheel independent drive system, four-wheel independent steering system; Four-wheel independent suspension damping system;

2) the original 360 degree rotation, horizontal movement, a variety of operating modes a key switch;

3) smooth operation, no noise, uniform speed, cruise control, equipped with gyroscopic acceleration sensor, equipped with safety lock key, a key start and stop;

4) multiple out of control protection mode;

5) remote control light control system;

6) Reserve communication serial port;

7) The maximum load of <200 kg, the maximum speed, about 20 KM / hour;

8) 2.4G 12-channel remote control system, the maximum remote control distance of 3.5 km;

9) 5.8G HD 1080p digital signal transmission, the maximum transmission distance of 5 km map;

10) Equipped with Sai Ya patent remote control VR shooting bracket, with automatic lifting and 360 degrees rotation.

Applications: video, VR shooting, security, EOD, anti-terrorism, investigation, military, police tactical exercises, inspection, logistics and other special industries

Technical Parameters:

Full size: 723mm X  723mm X 515mm

Net weight: about 50 kg

Gross weight: about 80 kg

Packing: wooden box

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