Item No.: PRC5403X
Name: King Blue Devil-Nylon Pro Version
Brief introduction: King Blue Devil-Nylon Pro Version.1/5 scale 4WD gasoline powered truck. Equipped with super strong new design nylon suspension arms, steering arms, high quality metal shock absorbers, Nylon and Aluminium rear Roll Bar for the upgrade muffler.
Technical parameters:
Length ——————– – 700 mm
Width ———————– 550 mm
Height ———————–305 mm
Wheelbase ——————476 mm
Tread(front/rear)————440 mm
Wheel diameter————-200*w110 mm
Weight————————14.50 kg
Gear ratio———————9.91: 1
1) Fully assemble ready to run chassis.
2) Fully powerful CN26cc (made in the mainland of China), optional CY26cc/27cc/CY26cc/ engine equipped with slide carburetor pull-starter.
3) Equipped with muffler accelerator and new air filter.
4) 4WD system with shaft drive.
5) Differential with the built-in rear bevel gear.
6) Adjustable width of double fork suspension system.
7) 8 Strong oil-filled shock absorbers
8) Stiff and sturdy 4.0mm 6061-t6 aluminum chassis and side plate.
9) Standard disc break system and optional hydraulic brake system
10) With sensitive Reverse System. Reverse Mid Box – Patent number 201020554772.7
11) Full Steel Differential gears
12) Strong aluminum shed
13) Super sensitive full Metal steering system.
14) Super strong front and rear bumper
15) Aluminum servo plate
16) Super 6.0 aluminum front and rear upper mounting plate
17) 620CC fuel tank
18) Max speed: 70km/H
19) 2.4G LCD 3-ch radio system
20) 30kg/cm Steering Servo, 15kg/cm full metal throttle Servo and 6kg/cm Servo for Reverse System.
The Nylon Pro Version 1/5 4×4 truck— King Blue Devil, designed and manufactured by China Pioneer Racing. It is the first 1/5 4WD gasoline truck in the world as a patented product, . Compared to other 1/5 gas cars, it has the most unique function—-reverse system. So this truck may bring you more fun during your operation.
The truck is equipped with the super pure nylon suspension arms, steering arms, bumpers, Rims, Nylon and Aluminium rear Roll Bar for the upgrade muffler. You can find you own the super strong vehicle.
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