3D gasser 20CC gasoline helicopter-Fire Fox

*Item No.:SYH002
*Name: Fire Fox
*Mechanical Specifications:
*Main Rotor Blades span: 1562 mm
*Tail Rotor Blades span: 265 mm
*Main Blades: 600-660 mm
*Tail Blades: 95 mm
*Length: 1360 mm
*Width: 270MM
*Height: 406 mm
*Tail Tub: 762 MM
*Vent-pipe:  Zenoah original vent-pipe (standard version)
*The canopy: fiberglass
*Engine: Zenoah 20CC gasoline engine
*Main frame: 6061 aluminum alloy frame
*Main rotor blades: wooden main blades
*Tail rotor blades: plastic (standard version)
*Tail drive system: sensitive and precise belt drive tail system.
*Tail boom: aluminum alloy 6061
*Vent-pipe: original vent-pipe from Zenoah
*Radio control requested: 9-channel
*The maximum flying time is about 30 minutes
1.       Light glass fiber (Carbon type) Side plate
2.       25 mm high-brightness tail pipe, belt drive system
3.       12mm ~ 16mm Main Rotor grip
4.       300 ml fuel tank, for a long flight
5.       Easy uninstall spark plug
6.       Flange bearings used for the main rotor and tail rotor grips
7.       120 wide angle CCPM swashplate with fish-eye bearing
8.       Stable flight characteristics and adjustable
9.       Easy disassembly engine and side plate
*Just Provide (Items required to fly but not included)
*1x 9-channel Radio Transmitter capable of 120 degree e CCPM
*1x Transmitter and receiver crystal set
*5x Sport line or better servos
*mixing with Transmitter Battery, and Transmitter Battery Charger
*1x Heading hold/lock gyro
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