Saiya Ackerman Steering Four-Wheel Drive Robot Chassis S1080

Saiya Ackerman Steering Four-Wheel Drive Robot Chassis S1080
-Unmanned robot chassis, Ackerman steering wire control chassis, ROS robot chassis for scientific research, patrol robot chassis, logistics distribution robot chassis, with payload 60kg. Support ROS/unmanned driving secondary development.

Model: S1080
Dimensions: 1080X710X405mm(L*W*H)
Net weight: about 65kg
Structure: Four-wheel drive, Ackerman steering
Suspension: Independent suspension system, with shock absorption system
Ground clearance: 130mm
Wheelbase: 740mm
Wheel Track: 575mm
Tire diameter: 300mm
Drive motor: DC brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor 48V, 800W
Power battery: lithium battery 48V, 30Ah
Charger: 54.6V, 10A manual charging
Control method: 2.4G remote control
Minimum turning radius: about 2.4 meters
The limit angle of steering wheel: 30°
Power display: with power display
Braking: Motor Brake
Parking: Motor Park, Electromagnetic Band Brake
Payload: ≦60kg
Speed: about 20km/h
Battery life: about 2.5 hours
Wading depth: 100mm
Climbing Capacity: fully loaded 15°
Span width: fully loaded 150mm
Protection level: IP54
Communication Interface: CAN communication
Anti-collision structure: front and rear anti-collision bars


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