Saiya Heavy-Duty Ackerman Steering Robot Chassis S1500

Saiya Heavy-Duty Ackerman Steering Robot Chassis S1500
-unmanned robot chassis with payload 500kg. Ackerman steering wire controlled chassis, ROS robot chassis, patrol robot chassis, logistics distribution robot chassis. Support ROS/unmanned driving secondary development.

Model: S1500
Boundary dimension: 1500X905X790mm (L * W * H)
Chassis weight: about 300kg
Structure: front to rear drive, Ackerman steering, 150W steering steering gear
Suspension: overall bridge suspension, vehicle gauge level shock absorber
Ground clearance: 130mm
Wheel base: 790mm
Wheel track: 780mm
Tyre diameter: 450mm
Drive motor: DC brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor 48V, 2KW
Power battery: lithium iron phosphate battery 48V, 40Ah, large capacity battery can be customized

Charger: 54.6V, 10A manual charging mode
Control mode: 2.4G remote control
Minimum turning radius: about 2.5m
Limit angle of steering wheel: 32 °
Power display: with power display
Braking mode: motor braking
Parking mode: electromagnetic holding brake
Payload: ≤ 500kg
Running speed: about 5km/h
Maximum endurance mileage: 15KM
Wading depth: 150mm
Maximum climbing angle: 15 ° with full load, 20 ° with no load
Crossing width: 200mm under full load
Protection grade: IP54
Communication mode: support CAN, provide communication interface (steering support 485 communication)
Number of axles: 2
Anti collision structure: front and rear impact bars
Car shell: customizable

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